The Clutter-free for 2023 challenge is here! 25 10-minute tasks to get your home decluttered so you can enjoy your holidays!

Can you feel the clutter creeping into your home, stealing your energy and stressing you out? And you know the holidays are just going to add to it!

Join the Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge!

What is Clutter-Free for 2023?

Clutter-free for 2023 is a (low key) challenge that includes 25 ten-minute tasks over the course of 5 weeks. These tasks will hit common clutter-spots in family homes and will wipe them out — before Christmas and the new year.

The challenge starts November 21st and runs through December 23rd. There are no tasks on the weekends, so take those days off or use them to catch up.

The Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge is underway! Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Day 1: Mugs & Water Bottles

Day 2: Food Storage

Day 3: Household Cleaners

Day 4: Reusable Bags

Day 5: Holiday Decorations

Day 6: Shoes

Day 7: Boots & Umbrellas

Day 8: Snow Gear

Day 9: Books & Magazines

Day 10: Gift Wrap & Supplies

Day 11: Makeup

Day 12: Towels

Day 13: Glassware

Day 14: Alcohol

Day 15: Toys

Day 16: Games & Puzzles

Day 17: Markers & Art Supplies

Day 18: Socks & Undies

Day 19: Junk Drawer

Day 20: Cords & Chargers

Day 21: Fridge

Day 22: Counters

Day 23: Small Appliances

Day 24: Dining Room Table

Day 25: Cozies

When you’re all done, donate these items and then sit back and let the new year roll in with peace of mind!

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