8 Life-Changing Closet Organizing Products

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Does walking into your closet stress you out? Does trying to organize your closet make you feel overwhelmed? As a former professional organizer, I know that certain closet organizing products can really make a difference in your space. Here are some of my favorite products that make your closet work better for you!

Are you struggling to find the best way to organize your closet? Try these 8 absolutely life-changing closet organizing products!
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Maximizing and organizing your space (especially closets!) is important. Related topic: organize your coat closet? Closet organization can feel difficult because there’s a lot of action — clothes coming in and clothes going out with wear and shopping and seasons.

Your closet and the way it’s organized should fit your needs. You should be able to see what you have and what you like. Otherwise, just walking into your closet or trying to organize it can feel quite stress-inducing!

Why Should Closet Organization Be a Priority?

Your clothes should make you feel calm and confident. Shouldn’t the space they live in be the same? Whether you choose your clothes for the week all at once or the morning of, seeing your choices can decrease those sometimes-stressful decisions. You most likely aren’t going into your closet a lot during the day. But when you are, you want it to be an effortless visit. 

What’s the easiest way to decrease time spent pulling out clothes or agonizing over what to wear? The BEST way is to eliminate as many items as possible — the ones that don’t fit, are no longer your style, or are uncomfortable.

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Once you’ve purged your closet, you can add a few thoughtful products to help you maximize space and efficiency. Here are a few of my favorites to help your closet stay organized.  

My Favorite Closet Organizing Products

I often say you don’t NEED to purchase items to be organized, but sometimes it can really help. If you’ve got the funds, here are some of my favorite closet organizing products.

Hyacinth Baskets

Hyacinth baskets such as these are beautiful, durable, and functional. These baskets make closet organization easy and pretty. Use them for organizing smaller items in your closet or instead of a drawer.

Using baskets to organize your closet is a great way to contain your clothes.

You can add labels to make categorizing socks, unmentionables, or scarves easier to locate. They are great for containing a variety of things and come in different sizes to fit your closet organizing and storage needs. 

Plastic Handled Bins

These plastic handled bins are a minimalist’s dream. These bins are simple, clean-looking, and easy to label. You can attach labels to them or write directly on the front. You can move them around anywhere to fit in your closet. 

You can never go wrong when organizing a closet with these simple white bins.

They come in a few different colors and opacities, so pick the one that first your style.


S-hooks are handy for closet organization. Hang purses, jeans, or belts!
Photo: Sparx Organizing

S-hooks are a game-changer for closet organization. You can use these for jewelry, jeans, or bags. They are a strong and extremely versatile product. 

Side note: If you have “kind of dirty/kind of clean” clothes you wore once and don’t know what to do with, add some S-hooks to your closet and hang the clothes there!

Our Shoe Box

Clear Shoe Boxes solve your shoe organization problem. These stackable closet organizers are the perfect way to maximize vertical storage. Plus, they’re clear so you can see the shoes you have and remember to wear them. No more piles of shoes hidden in the corners of your closet.

Using clear shoes boxes makes closet organizing a breeze.
Label these with a white paint pen and wipe it off with nail polish remover if your needs change!

These clear boxes make it easy to see what you have. It simplifies both decision-making and organizing.

I have everyday shoes out on a shelf and less-worn shoes in these boxes to keep them dust-free.

Velvet Hangers

Have you ever reached for a shirt and the one hanging next to it fell to the ground instead? Velvet hangers make all the difference in up-leveling the organizational standards of your closet. Practical and pretty, velvet hangers make your clothing look and feel neater.

Matching velvet hangers take your closet's look up a notch.

While matching hangers aren’t necessarily an organizing essential, they reduce visual clutter and keep all your clothing hanging at one even level, making your closet look neat even if it’s due for a tidy!

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Tie Rack

Got ties? Tie racks or hangers make ties in your closet more accessible. They also help to keep ties unwrinkled. Seeing what colors and patterns you have can make outfit decisions much easier. This tie rack hangs neatly in your closet to save precious storage space — but pick one that fits your space and your collection.

Organizing your closet? Don't forget about the ties!

Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are a great way to keep shoes from piling up. But they must be durable. Otherwise, your shoes will just come piling right back down. They make it easy to see what you have and keep them off of the floor. This 3-tier stackable shoe shelf is a great closet product to have. You can get a few to stack or combine.   

Using shelves to maximize vertical organization of shoes is a must.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are the jack-of-all-trades of organizing. Do not dismiss these handy, little tools when looking for closet organization! Grab a multipack of command hooks and use them for everything from purses to belts, sweatshirts to jewelry. 

Closet Organizing Products

There is no perfect way to organize your closet. Finding tools, products, and systems to work for you may take some trial and error. But with these suggestions, I hope to help make your organizing less complicated. 

Are there other closet organizing ideas or products I missed? I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below!

Best products for closet organizing according to a professional organizer.

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