7 Best Organizational Apps

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It’s okay if you’re not a naturally organized person! Forgetting things, losing focus, and misplacing to-do lists happens to the best of us, however, we rarely forget our phones, do we? For this reason, using apps to stay organized can be an effective organization strategy. Sure, writing things down is great, but not if you lose that list! Here are the best organizational apps so you can keep it together!

The best organizational apps for your phone and your life.
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Best Organizational Apps

There’s an app for everything these days. While that can sometimes lead to trouble, it can also lead to increased organization and productivity.

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Here are our favorite organizational apps to help you keep track of your tasks, lists, and minutes. We recommend reading the reviews and picking just one or two to try — cluttered phones won’t help you get anything done!


The any.do app is great for making lists and setting reminders.

Have you ever forgotten to send a birthday card to a family member? Or perhaps you forgot to book a follow-up appointment at the dentist. Whatever the occasion is, Any.do is a great task manager that can help you stay organized in all aspects of your life.

From your desktop or mobile device, you can create a daily plan, make and share lists, manage calendars, and set reminders. If you’re creating a long-term plan, you can break goals down into manageable chunks.

Any.do works with smart devices and you can even access your tasks from your smartwatch with their built-in integration.

Works with: Android, Apple, Desktops

Cost: Free with paid upgrades

Time Timer

If productivity is your goal, the TimeTimer App may be just the thing for you.

If you have a hard time focusing and staying on task, the Time Timer app may be just the organizational app you need. Timers are very effective at helping people stop procrastinating, focus on the task at hand, and be productive.

While this may seem like a standard timer, and it is, the visual the app provides of the large red timer is quite effective at telling how much time you have left with just a glance.

Use this app while cleaning, working from home, exercising, or even for your kids (think classroom tasks, homework time, reading time, screen time).

Works with: iPhones, apple watches, and androids – or grab a real life clock version of this timer for use without a phone.

Cost: This app is free

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is another organizational app that can help you manage your lists and calendars.

If you are a list maker, then you will love the ease of using Microsoft To Do. This app is a lifesaver for those who have many to-do lists they’re keeping track of. You can use it on everything from your laptop to your iPhone. You can keep track of documents, notes, and more about individual tasks and easily manage multiple lists at once.

Works with: Android, Apples, Desktop

Cost: Free

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a voice recognition app that’s perfect for taking notes. This transcription-focused app is perfect for hitting record and referencing later.

The Just Press Record app is great for reviewing meetings and important appoinments.

Speech is recorded with searchable text, and files are stored according to time and date. This can be a lifesaver for business meetings, doctors appointments, or other important discussions that contain unfamiliar terms, complex concepts, many details or lots of dates and times.

This app is ideal for people who don’t aren’t auditory learners and may need information repeated.

Works with: iPhones

Cost: $4.99


An elephant never forgets, and neither will you with the Evernote app. Whether note-taking or just keeping your documents organized, Evernote is a key player in this space. It stores all your spreadsheets, images, receipts, checklists, and more in one organizational system, making it easy to find later.

Evernote is a well known organizational app for keeping notes and files.

You can even set up your email to have documents correspond directly with Evernote so you can organize any signed documents or written interactions! No more sifting through emails to find what you need to save! This app integrates well with Slack, Outlook, and more.

Works with: Android, Apples, Desktop

Cost: Free with paid upgrades, however, the free version has very limited features and storage

Google Drive

You’ve probably heard of Google Drive at this point.

Google Drive is another essential organizational app for storing documents and photos.

Google Drive is a great organizational app because it provides the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, and folders that you can share with anyone you wish! You can use your phone to “scan” printed pages, which can then be stored as documents within your drive.

Being able to store these documents on Google Drive and easily access them from anywhere else (with internet service) is one reason Google Drive is always on my phone, tablet and desktop. No more transferring files to a USB device and bringing it with you.

Works with: Android, Apple, Desktops

Cost: Free


CamScanner is a free app for scanning documents.

If you need to scan documents, photos, or even receipts to save for later, you’ll want to download the CamScanner app. You can scan documents anywhere at any time using their easy-to-use app. It has a great edge-cropping feature and will make sure anything you scan is both sharp and clear. You can store them on your phone or in the cloud for use elsewhere.

Works with: Android, Apple, Desktops

Cost: Free with paid upgrades

The Best Organizational Apps

When you’re looking for ways to get organized, sometimes it comes down to finding the right tools that work for you and your family. Let one of these organizational apps help you on your organization journey.

Are you trying to be organized but keep forgetting lists and getting off track? These organizational apps that can help you keep it together!

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  1. Hi Melissa, thank you for a great post! I recently discovered your blog and I love your organizational tips. And as someone who relies heavily on digital tools for productivity and organization, it’s always great to discover new options and explore different features. I look forward to trying out some of the apps you’ve recommended!

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