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The weather is getting nicer, birds are chirping and there’s a warmth in the air that wasn’t there a few weeks ago. Spring is coming! I don’t know about you, but spring always brings the compulsive need to clean and organize my garage — so I’m sharing a few of my favorite garage organization ideas and the products I use to keep my space functioning.

Is walking into your garage stressful? Garages can be a beast to organize, but my favorite garage organization products can help!

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I’ve talked in the past about some systems and ways to organize your garage and you know you can be clean and organized without buying a lot of products, however certain products can maximize space effectively and help keep larger items contained — especially in a garage.

Here’s a quick list of my favorite items. Keep scrolling for my reasoning and examples of how I use each.

Organizing the garage is no small feat, but you will be so thankful after you have done it, I promise!

Garage Organization Ideas: Shelving

Garages have a lot of walls, so USE THEM! If you’re keeping items on the floor, you’re probably not using that space effectively. Let’s go vertical with shelves!

In a garage, some kind of shelving is essential. Whether you purchase a complete system with rails, include a single shelf with brackets, or opt for a more piecemeal system (like I have) shelving unit, you need to use your vertical space.

Sturdy Plastic Shelves

These sturdy plastic garage shelves are easy to build, made of heavy-duty plastic, and are easy to move if you change your mind on placement. They hold a lot and are easy to clean off. Compare shelf height/depth to bin height/depth before purchasing. These shelves are not adjustable, but they are reasonably priced, sturdy, and do not require any tools to put together. Any type of sturdy shelves helps keep your garage organized, but these are especially great.

Sturdy plastic shelves are essential for garage organization.

Metal Adjustable Shelves

These heavy-duty metal shelves come in a variety of heights and widths. They are made of heavy steel and hold up to 200lbs per shelf. These shelves don’t require any tools to put together, but they are very heavy and difficult to move, even when empty. These shelves are ideal for organizing the clutter in garages! 

If you need to store heavy tools or building materials, these heavy-duty shelves are perfect for the garage.

Cube Shelves

Cube shelves work well in garages. We have these and help us maintain our organizing systems. They allow a drop zone by the doorway for shoes. Don’t forget the bins to contain the items stored inside the cube shelves! These bins are my favorite for cube shelves. You can categorize (and label!) similar things like outside toys, tools, car accessories, etc. 

Cube shelves work well for organizing the garage.

Any combination of bins and shelves works. But you should consider the materials you use outside. Go with plastic rather than fabric. This will make cleaning and maintaining things stored outside with dirt and grime hold their value longer. 

Garage Totes/Bins

Totes are one of the most important and functional pieces of storage in your garage. Use large totes like these with easy-to-read labels. They fit easily within the shelving, also from Home Depot. These totes close, keeping out dust and dirt. Their translucency allows you to see what you’re storing, rather than putting the effort in to organize your things…and then shoving it on a shelf somewhere and forgetting about it. 

Clear bins with lids in a garage help you know what you have and where you have it.

Another option is weatherproof totes. Weatherproof totes like these are great for wet climates or keeping pests out. They can be a little on the expensive side but are top quality. These are also clear, to give you a view of your things, and they stack well. You can label or color-code these to organize and store like-items. 


Safe Racks Overhead Storage are heavy-duty garage storage racks that are installed into the ceiling of your garage and give you overhead storage space. Made of steel, these shelves hold up to 500lbs safely, and adjust as needed. They allow you to conserve the bottom space of your garage for cars or necessary items, especially if you have a small garage. SafeRacks are also are functional, durable, and quality products. They are a bit of an investment – but remember – you’re paying for space.

Overhead, ceiling-mounted storage shelves maximize space for garage organization.

This product will literally buy you space and storage, which is ideal for garage organization.

SafeRacks Bike Storage

Get those bikes off the floor with this bike hanging system.

Another cool product like the overhead storage is the Safe Rack Bike Storage option. This gives you the versatility of hanging up your bikes (safely!) on hooks from a SafeRack storage shelf.

**Scroll down to the hook section below for a lower budget option**

These shelves securely hold up to 500lbs. Hanging bikes give you more space on your garage floor for your cars or important items. Given the option, store things vertically, even bikes! 

Make sure you install these shelves into studs, not just your drywall.

Hooks, Holders, and More Hooks!

In a garage, there are so many nonconforming things to organize – from tools to outdoor kid’s toys, to bikes and holiday decorations, or winter gear. A solution for things that may not fit neatly in cube storage, or another compact organizational system, is to hang them. Hooks allow you to use the wall space in a garage, get things off the floor, and display them so you can see them. 

Command Hooks 

Command hooks of any size and shape are always an option. These offer smaller item storage. You can put command hooks anywhere you need them to organize smaller hanging items.

Command hooks can be very helpful for garage organization.

Shaped Hooks

U-shaped hooks work well for hanging brooms, shovels, or any other larger tools with a long handle. The non-grip vinyl coating allows the tools to securely rest on the hook without slipping.

U-shaped hooks are helpful for hanging brooms and other items in the garage.

J-shaped hooks are my go-to hooks for beach chairs, ladders, metal folding chairs, kayaks, and more. These are heavy-duty and come in a set of six. You can double them up. Again, use your wall space and save some storage space on your garage floor. 

Velcro Holders

Don't forget about your hose when you organize the garage! This velcro hook is the perfect solution for coiling your hose and keeping it off the ground!

These are a fun new find! While we used them here for a hose, you can use them in creative storage and organizational ways. These easy hang velcro straps work perfectly to neatly contain your wild garden hose so it’s ready to use as needed. 

Wall Mounts 

Here is another option for a bike hook or rack. This one utilizes the wall space of your garage to get things up off the floor. These Dirza Bike Rack Wall Mounts hold up to 65lbs and come in packs of one or two. They are a simple, sleek, and affordable option to store and organize your bikes. 

This wall-mounted bike hook is economical and sturdy.

Fishing Pole Holder

This fishing pole holder is great for getting fishing poles off the garage floor and using vertical space.

This is a great holder for a casual fisher. This vertical black rod rack holds up to six fishing poles. The grip pads safely and securely store the fishing rods. It is corrosion-proof for long-lasting durability. Simple and lightweight, this is a great wall organizing system for your garage!

Do you need to find a solution in your garage for smaller items like tackle supplies? Or maybe you’re always losing small screws or miscellaneous hardware? Try this plastic organizer option for small items and loose parts.

Garage Flooring

Adding special flooring to your garage is totally extra and not really “organizing” but it makes the floor of your garage way easier to clean. Many people invest in an epoxy floor (you can hire a professional or buy a DIY epoxy floor kit), but we went a different route – peel and stick floor tiles.

Peel and stick floor tiles were an inexpensive, functional option for our garage floor. They're easy to clean and make our space a little more exciting.

For ours, I chose a fun black and white checkerboard pattern. But there are so many patterns to choose from. We installed these onto the side of the garage we use for storage, not parking. Our home in is Maryland, and it gets cold here, but these tiles have been going strong for about 5 years now.

Here is the solid black color and another option in white

Tool Storage

If you have a lot of tools, a large, strong toolbox is helpful for garage organization. Toolboxes are an investment, but most are heavy-duty and will last a lifetime. This tool chest is similar to ours in both price and size, but you’ll probably want to shop around for something that meets your specific needs. There are many great options for the number of tools you have and the ‌storage or organization you prefer. 

Tool chests are an investment when you're organizing the garage, but if you do a lot of DIY projects, they're helpful to keep track of your tools!

Garage Organization

Garage organization can be a time-consuming task, but knowing what you have in your garage and where you have it is worth it! Tackle one space at a time and before you know it, your garage will be organized and working for you.

Do you have any favorite garage organizing hacks or products? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Is walking into your garage stressful? Garages can be a beast to organize, but my favorite garage organization products can help!

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