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Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Grads

Have a college graduate to shop for? Here are 12 thoughtful, clutter-free gift ideas for grads! Start them off in life on the right foot!

Day 17

Three things. Tell me I’m wrong! Today, take 10 minutes to look through markers and art supplies. Toss any dried out markers, crusty glue, and coloring books that are thoroughly colored. This is also a great way to take an inventory of what you have, so when you’re shopping for stocking stuffers, you know what …

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Day 9

Books & Magazines Books and magazines are HARD to declutter, but if you’re a book lover (or if you live with one) you know collections can get unruly. If you’ve got an extensive collection and don’t have enough time to get through it all, just take care of the books you see every day that …

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Clutter-Free for 2023

Can you feel the clutter creeping into your home, stealing your energy and stressing you out? And you know the holidays are just going to add to it! Join the Clutter-Free for 2023 Challenge! What is Clutter-Free for 2023? Clutter-free for 2023 is a (low key) challenge that includes 25 ten-minute tasks over the course …

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Summer Goals: 2022

Summer is coming and I’ve got plans – kind of. My 2022 Summer Goals are general, but essential. It’s going to be a summer to remember-ish!

Quotes about Decluttering

Need some purging inspiration? These 22 quotes about decluttering are just the thing to get you on your path to life with less.

The Best Office Organizers

Are you struggling to be productive in your messy office? Try using these office organizers to tidy your office and increase productivity!

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