9 Best Ideas for Organizing Spices

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Organized spices can speed up dinner prep and can save you money—if you know what spices you have, you won’t purchase duplicates! There’s no one perfect way to organize spices—it’s going to depend a lot on your kitchen and your cooking style. Here are some ideas for organizing spices from some of the best professional organizers in the business today. Regardless of your budget, your spice collection, and your kitchen, there’s sure to be a solution you’ll love.

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Spice Organization Ideas

Many of the options below have spices in matching glass jars. While this isn’t necessary for organization, it IS pretty and allows you to see exactly how much of each spice you have left. See how I gave my spice jars an upgrade.

There is a bit of repetition below, but all the ideas for organizing spices are a bit different, whether it’s the materials used or the placement of the spices. So wander down there and get some ideas for how you can upgrade your spice game.

Spice Drawer

If you’ve got an extra drawer, or even half of a drawer, setting your spices up in it will keep them accessible and organized. I upgraded my spices into matching jars with custom vinyl labels last year (read about the process here) but this year they found a new home. My husband built some custom tilted stands with the exact dimensions of my drawers, but you can also purchase them. I put the stands in my drawers with a little museum gel to hold them in place, then lined all my spices up — in alphabetical order, although I’m not sure that will last. This drawer was too large for just spices, so I used a drawer divider to section off the drawer and used one side for spices. Here’s how I made my DIY Spice Inserts.

Spice Drawer with DIY Inserts

Lisa from @dwell.organized did the same thing for a client. She installed angled stands and then arranged spices in glass jars with custom labels all in a row. It’s almost a pity to shut a drawer that looks this lovely.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: In matching jars laid out in a drawer with risers.

Spices in a Pull Out Cabinet

Professional Organizer Jess from The Pop Home out of Florida uses a pull out cabinet to store her spices. She lays them down on a spice liner to keep all the jars in place, then lined up her spice jars in order from the most to least often used.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: In jars laid out flat in a drawer with no-slip liners.

Spices in an Acrylic Tiered Riser

Laura from I Heart Bins transferred all spices into matching jars with simple, classic labels to identify the contents. She then used an adjustable acrylic tiered shelf inside her cabinet to display the spices in an easy-to-see and easy-to-reach way.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: In matching jars arranged in a tiered stand with matching labels.

Spices in Mason Jars

Alanna from @forever_organized put some mason jars to good use in her spice cabinet. Using small jars, she decanted her spices and labeled them with her label maker. The wide mouth of the mason jar easily allows a measuring spoon to fit inside. The best part? They stack up perfectly and take advantage of all that vertical space in the cabinet.

Organizing Spices: In matching mason jars stacked up with label maker labels.

Spices in Bin in a Pull Out Cabinet

Tina from @SimplyOrganizedwithTina organized this client’s spice collection a few times over. Spices in jars are lovely. Stickers on the top are essential, depending on your storage options. Putting all the spices in a ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>bin allows for you to grab them all at once — it also stops the spices from shifting when you pull the slider in and out.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: In matching jars in a bin, in a pull out shelf.

Spices on the Counter

No extra cabinets or drawers for your spices? When they look this good, you can happily leave them out on the counter as decor. Form meets function here with @living.like.elizabeth‘s spice set up. Glass jars, matching labels, and an acrylic tiered riser are all you need to get this look in your kitchen.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: In matching jars arranged in a tiered stand with matching labels as artwork on counter.

Wall/Cabinet Mounted Spice Rack

Maybe counter space is in short supply in your kitchen. Liberty from b4andafters.com mounted her iron spice rack to the inside of a cabinet door — a perfect way to use an unused space! If you’ve got a foot or two of wall space, you could also mount a rack or small shelves there.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: hanging on a spice rack on a cabinet door or wall.

A Little Bit of Everything

Is no one solution meeting your needs? Professional Organizer Jen from The Simply Sorted uses a combination of materials to make her spice cabinet as efficient as possible. She uses a tiered rack on the lower shelf for small jars that are easy to access, she uses a turntable to keep larger spices easy to grab, and a ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>“backstock” bin at the top of her cabinet for duplicates and extras. She also adjusted the height of her shelves to use every inch.

Best Ideas for Organizing Spices: Using a little of everything: A tiered shelf, a turntable, and a bin.

With so many ideas for organizing spices, you’re sure to find something that works in your space. Whether your spices are in a cabinet, a drawer, on the wall, or in the pantry, having them organized and accessible will make preparing dinner so much simpler. Which method of organizing spices works best for you?

Melissa Corriveau, professional organizer

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